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Trail Running | RMB Ultra-Trail Cape Town included in World Trail Majors

A Diverse, Respectful, Sustainable And Independent Approach To Trail And Ultra Racing

Today, November 13th, 2023, we are delighted to announce the launch of the World Trail Majors – a diverse, respectful, sustainable and independent approach to trail and ultra- racing. Bringing together some of the best races and race organisers in the world, with the aim of providing an alternative to global racing with local knowledge and community at its heart.

The evolution of trail and ultra running has been complex and sometimes erratic. To help steer the sport’s development in the right direction, a handful of race organizers have formed an association that aims to return to safeguard the original spirit of trail and ultra running, using their knowledge and experience acquired over decades.

The fundamentals of World Trail Majors are solid but simple:

  1. Diversity embracing difference as enriching and improving trail running as a sporting, cultural and social activity. Trail/ultra racing is an incredibly varied sport, each race is unique, the variety of distances, locations and terrains providing an infinite number of wonderful experiences. Diversity is one trail running’s core values that should be celebrated.
  2. Respect maintaining and even improving the areas where races are held The landscape was here before this sport. Respect for nature, local customs and the variety of the sport. Allowing it to grow as an activity that enriches and is enriched by the local community and environment. An activity that takes place in nature must always treat the environment with respect. Understanding on a local and global scale that the effects of our actions reach far further than the sport itself.
  3. Identity each race has its own distinct and individual personality that is inspired by its local environment and its own evolving story. Is the legacy that will remain forever between the runners, the races and the local communities a defining and memorable sporting experience one. Individuality is the legacy that will remain forever between the runners, the races and the local communities that make each event not only a sporting experience but also a defining and memorable one.

World Trail Majors was not born with the intention of confrontation or of solving all the problems of this fast-developing sport, but rather to provide a new, alternative path of development which aims to be inspirational to all runners and organisers.

Trail/Ultra racing is a sport that takes place in the natural outdoor environment, with uncomplicated rules and free from the limitations inherent in many sports. World Trail Majors wants to maintain build on open and accessible ethos to help preserve the original values of the sport. Involving local organisations, respecting local communities and boosting local economies. The races must leave little trace on nature, but lifelong impact on the runners.

World Trail Majors is an open association, the first edition will be held in 2024 and will include the following events:

    • Hong Kong 100 Ultramarathon: One of the events that show-cased trail running in Asian trail running to the world. 18th – 21st January 2024, 102 km, +5314 m. Hong Kong
    • Black Canyon Ultras: Pure American trail running on native American trade routes and old stagecoach trails. 10th – 11th February 2024. 100 km, +1250 m. Phoenix, Arizona, United States.
    • The North Face Transgrancanaria: One of the classics on the world trail running calendar. 21st – 25th February 2024. 126 km, +6804 m. Canary Islands, Spain.
    • Mt. Fuji 100: Japanese-style trail running with the great symbolic meaning of the highest mountain in the country. 26th – 27th April 2024. 165 km, +7574 m. Fujiyoshida, Japan.
    • MIUT – Madeira Island Ultra-Trail: Iconic event on the spectacular island of Madeira. 27th – 28th April 2024. 115 km, +7100 m. Madeira, Portugal.
    • Swiss Canyon Trail: Founded in 1994, a bucket list and benchmark event in Central Europe. 7th – 9th June 2024. 111 km, +5350 m. Val de Travers, Switzerland.
    • South Downs Way:  100 miles following the historic South Downs Way is a classic of the U.K. racing calendar. 8th – 9th June 2024. 161 km, +3800 m. Winchester, UK.
    • Quebec Mega Trail: True wild trail running in the mountains near Quebec City. 5th – 7th July 2024. 160 km, +6500 m. Quebec, Canada.
    • RMB Ultra-Trail Cape Town: Pure mountains next to one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Africa. 22nd – 24th November 2024. 166 km, +7516 m. Cape Town, South Africa.

Statements from the directors of each of the World Trail Majors races:

Janet Ng and Steve Brammar. Founders and Race Directors of Hong Kong 100 Ultramarathon:

“We are excited to be part of World Trail Majors, a selection of great trail events around the world. Each race has the mission of offering the best experience for each runner. We ensure a warm welcome and an unforgettable experience for everyone who takes part in any of the World Trail Majors events.”

Jamil Coury. Founder of Black Canyon Ultras:

“We are delighted that Black Canyon 100km is part of World Trail Majors, a true celebration of some of the most iconic trail races in the world.”

Carlos Torrent. Race Director of The North Face Transgrancanaria:

“World Trail Majors is the most important project we have been involved in. It’s an alliance between races with a long-term vision in which we aim to showcase the values of our sport to the world, not only in Gran Canaria but also in other destinations.”

Tatsuo Chiba. Co-Chairman of Mt.FUJI 100:

“It is a great honor for Mt.FUJI 100 to participate in this brand new trail running initiative with all of the great races around the world. We look forward to welcoming everyone from all over the places at the foot of our national symbol, Mt.FUJI to share the great trail running journey and wonderful experience together with all.”

Sidónio Freitas. Race Director of MIUT-Madeira Island Ultra-Trail:

“We are honored and privileged to be a part of the World Trail Majors, a prestigious collection of races that epitomize the true spirit of trail running. These iconic events from around the world not only challenge and inspire runners but also foster a global community of trail enthusiasts who appreciate the beauty and adventure of off-road running. Being part of this elite group reflects our commitment to providing an exceptional trail running experience and further cements our dedication to the sport. We’re excited to join the ranks of these world-renowned races and look forward to welcoming runners from all corners of the globe to share in the adventure with us.”

Patrick Christinat. Founder and director of Swiss Canyon Trail:

“Swiss Canyon Trail pioneered trail running in Europe over 30 years ago. The sole aim of our organization is to share our region, our landscapes, our atmosphere and the strength of our volunteers. The trail spirit has always been a motivating force for us, with one word in mind: sharing. For us, the Trail is an adventure that we borrow from the regions we cross, and to which we owe the greatest respect. Just as we borrow nature from our children. Let’s preserve the trail spirit and preserve Mother Earth.”

James Elson. Director de carrera de South Downs Way 100:

“We are excited to be part of this incredible, diverse, sustainable and independent racing group that we are a part of to help grow this sport in the direction we believe is right. We look forward to welcoming all World Trail Majors runners who wish to join the 12th edition of the South Downs Way 100.”

Jean Fortier. Race Director. Quebec Mega Trail:

“We have been collaborating with races around the world for several years. What has always attracted us on these trips is the unique way each organization does things and their strong commitment to local communities. Having the opportunity to join an international circuit that recognizes these values and that consolidates our sport as something unique is something that honours us. We are confident that runners around the world will join this initiative.”

Stuart McConnachie. Race Director. RMB Ultra-trail Cape Town:

“RMB Ultra-trail Cape Town is very proud to be part of this association that celebrates diversity as one of the objectives of World Trail Majors. Independent races have their place in the world of trail running and by supporting, sharing and recognizing each other’s place, we collaborate to continue the legacy of our sport in an independent way that is the roots of this sport.”

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