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TSA 2023 Inter-Provincial Primary and High School champs crowned

2023 TSA Schools Inter-Pro champs crowned

The TSA Inter-Provincial Primary and High School tournaments concluded on Wednesday in Mangaung and Tshwane, respectively. The Western Cape dominated both events, with the Western Disas and Western Cape Cavaliers taking first place in the Primary school category and High School under-15 category, respectively.

In the High School under-19 category, Free State defeated Western Cape Cavaliers to take first place.

Gauteng finished second in the Primary School category, which was won by Gauteng North, while Gauteng Central took silver in the High School category under-15.

Final Team Standings:

Primary School

  1. Western Cape Disas
  2. Gauteng North
  3. Western Cape Caviliers
  4. Gauteng Central
  5. KwaZulu-Natal A
  6. Western Cape Eagles
  7. Free State
  8. Northern Cape
  9. North-West
  10. Gauteng East
  11. Eastern Cape Aloes
  12. Mpumalanga
  13. Eastern Cape Elephants
  14. Limpopo
  15. KwaZulu-Natal B

High School


  1. Western Cape Cavaliers
  2. Gauteng Central
  3. Western Cape Disas
  4. Gauteng North
  5. Free State
  6. Eastern Cape Elephants
  7. KwaZulu-Natal A
  8. Eastern Cape Aloes
  9. Zimbabwe
  10. North West Province
  11. Northern Cape
  12. KwaZulu-Natal B
  13. Mpumalanga
  14. Gauteng East
  15. Limpopo


  1. Free State
  2. Western Cape Cavaliers
  3. Gauteng Central
  4. Western Cape Disas
  5. Gauteng North
  6. KwaZulu-Natal A
  7. Eastern Cape Elephants
  8. Gauteng East
  9. Mpumalanga
  10. Zimbabwe
  11. Eastern Cape Aloes
  12. North West Province
  13. Northern Cape
  14. KwaZulu-Natal B
  15. Limpopo

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