Gymnastics South Africa today announced the first public campaign of the Gymnastics Foundation South Africa to the gymnastics fraternity. 


The Gymnastics Foundation South Africa aims to become a focal point for fund-raising endeavours through which many needs can be addressed. This includes raising funds for exceptional developmental and high-performance programmes of Gymnastics SA, as well as supporting educational and health-related programmes. The Foundation will also aim to assist gymnasts on different levels.

The Directors of the Foundation are all volunteers who have pledged their time and energy to help drive this process. The Foundation is chaired by Professor Denver Hendricks and directors include Piet Albertyn, Detlen Havemann, Qondisa Ngwenya and Doreen Solomons.

Fundraising is never an easy matter, especially within the current economic climate. Fund-raising projects that will be launched in the next few months have been identified. The Foundation will inform the gymnastics community of these activities through the normal channels of the Federation.

The short to medium-term goal is to establish a capital fund whose accrued interest can be used to consistently fund identified programmes. The longer-term aim is to keep on growing the capital fund to make Gymnastics South Africa more independent in addressing short-term needs and challenges.

The gymnastics community are invited to be the first to support the Foundation by making a small donation or encouraging others to do so. “If every club in the country recruits five people or businesses for a donation of R1,000 (or 10 monthly donations of R100) the Foundation will be able to raise more than R1 million in a year,” adds Prof Denver Hendricks, Chairperson of the Gymnastics Foundation South Africa. “We are, therefore, not asking clubs to donate money, but merely to recruit donors.”

“Similar appeals will go to gymnastics alumni and other potential stakeholders to seek their assistance. We hope that through this process we will be able to recruit a minimum of 1,000 contributors. Our first project is, therefore, to raise R1 000 000 in the first year in this manner,” concludes Hendricks.

For more information about the Gymnastics Foundation South Africa, or to get involved, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.