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Continuing with our Youth Month campaign and highlighting our up-and-coming stars, we present to you, two young gentlemen who have been taking top spots in many of their external tournaments and you will definitely be seeing the names of Ethan Joseph and Vuyisani Makama on leader boards well into the future. 

Ethan Joseph Gr. 11 IGCSE (Cambridge)

BSI is an individually focused environment helping athletes to achieve their own goals professionally, physically and mentally, with all aspects in their life. BSI is focused on continual growth by pushing your boundaries and breaking milestones.

I’ve improved tremendously, learning how to become mentally strong and learning how to stay focused on my goals as well as how to be more disciplined in my process in becoming the person I aspire to be.

Balancing between academics and sport has been a continuous goal for me over the 3 years in BSI. The support I have received from the academic facilitators and coaching staff has helped me through my struggles and to maintain a well-balanced approach between academics and sport.

The friends I have gained from BSI as well as the memories with them are unforgettable. The environment that BSI provides is very supportive and helpful, therefore the friendships that you find here and the bonds you build are life-long relationships. BSI is a very friendly and fun place especially in the boarding house. There will be countless memories you will create here with everyone that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Ethan Joseph

Ethan Joseph

Vuyisani Makama Gr. 9 (Cambridge)

BSI have helped me set future goals and gave me great exposure in golf tournaments. The Study Centre has helped a lot to give time to my sport when I need to travel, and the tutors are very helpful and understanding. The facilities are out of this world improving my golf to its most perfection.

My fitness has really improved and my mental game which showed in my golf, has improved my Provincial and National rankings which helped me make the GolfRSA National Squad of 2022, which has boosted my confidence to achieve greater things.

I’m supported a lot by BSI, and they have helped me in my personal life and dealing with academics which makes me grateful.  I am having fun with the golf team tournaments, as those are very special moments and a lot of fun.

Vuyisani Makama

Vuyisani Makama

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