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Throughout the code Boxing South Africa will endeavour to promote and entrench the virtue of professionalism. In reality this means BSA, the licensees and all other stakeholders within boxing must strive to exert themselves expertly and with authoritative knowledge in their chosen areas of operation. In the context of South African boxing, there will be greater expectations for transparency and openness by all role-players.


We believe that there is a collective responsibility on all the stakeholders in boxing to collaborate and work together for the common good of the sport. In this regard, it is incumbent on BSA to provide the overall leadership necessary to enable collaboration and success of the sport code and for every stakeholder to exercise leadership in their respective areas of operation without encroaching on the rights of others.


The principle of accountability is imposed on all stakeholders in the boxing community by the Boxing Act. Based on the Act it is incumbent on all of us, BSA and the licensees, to each honour their legislative mandate to carry out their responsibility, respect each other’s role and to Act with integrity at all times.


In promoting the sport we will endeavour to take the sport to every part and corner of our country and ensure that all communities and athletes have an equal opportunity to partake and excel in the game without regard to their cultural, linguistic, religious, social and economic status, and/ or any other form of discrimination whatsoever.

These values will drive the attitudes and behaviour of everyone within the boxing community. Accordingly it will be expected of all at BSA (Board members and employees) and individual licensees and their associations to pledge their full support and commitment for making these values a way of life.

Name Tsholofelo Lejaka
Phone +27 (12) 765 9600
Email address mail@boxingsa.co.za
Website https://www.boxingsa.co.za/


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