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The SMA Centre offers a variety of both traditional and mixed martial arts classes, Mondays to Saturdays

As a student of the SMA Centre, you will be entered into a variety of inter-school and regional competitions, where you will have the opportunity to compete in your style, class or team, and category.

At the SMA Centre, students start off by learning the foundational principles of martial arts. Learning the basic techniques, stances and exercises are an essential part of one’s training, without which students cannot progress. Foundational learning starts with the simplest and most fundamental movements, upon which all others are based. Students start learning simple movements, such as stances, kicks, punches and conditioning exercises, and are made to perform these movements repeatedly until they become second-nature.

Name Shuaimeng Liu
Phone +27 79 922 1111
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Cnr Rivonia Boulevard, and 9th Ave, Rivonia