Letter to SA National Sport Federations

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Allow me to introduce you to SA Sports Press, an online sports platform that will:

  1. Assist your sport to grow membership and give greater exposure to participants and events.
  2. SA Sports Press is a FREE to register online platform
  3. Grow SA Sports Club Memberships.
  4. Help your Sports Clubs spread the news about events.
  5. Get sports participants in the news

We would like to ask you to encourage your members to register their sports club with us at https://www.sasportspress.co.za/sign-up

Grow SA Sports Club Memberships.

The SA Sports Press search allows people to search for a relevant sports club in their preferred area.

The details of the club are listed under their sports category, and the ability to contact the club directly, allows the club to potentially sign up new members.

Help your Sports Clubs spread the news about events.

By promoting their events, sports clubs will be able to draw the attention of fans, new members and promote sponsors.

Get sports participants in the news

Most of the achievements by South African sportspeople are not featured in mainstream media.

SA Sports Press wants to be the premium online platform for the public to find out more about the people involved in their chosen sport.

By seeing what others are capable of it provides encouragement and role models.

Support sportspeople in raising sponsorship funds

By featuring players and teams they gain exposure to sponsors and a greater ability to attract sponsors.


The Sport All¬≠rounder

We are passionate about SA Sport and the participants of sport in South Africa and internationally.

At SA Sports Press we promote all sporting codes, sportsmen and women.

If it is sports-related, we want to hear from you.

Send us your club info, your event dates and times, your news about the participants and the happenings.

If it's SA sports-related both locally and internationally we want your sports news

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